"He has gathered more information about the British Royal family than you'll ever want to know - a veritable laundry list of characters close to the throne reaching back to Oliver Cromwell, an English military and political leader and one of the signatories in 1649 of King Charles I's death warrant that led to his beheading."


Latest Media:

With the Accession of King Charles III to the throne and Camilla, The Queen Consort, still a strong topic of conversation in the national media, Thomas has featured on different media outlets explaining the role of the new King and his Queen, where the children of the Queen Consort feature in the Royal equation, amongst other topics associated with the new reign. To view a selection of these interviews, please see those below or click here for more interviews.

Queen Elizabeth II Passing:

With the recent loss of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Thomas has completed nearly 30 interviews for broadcast, print, and radio media surrounding the announcement of the Queen's death, as well as the State funeral at Westminster Abbey and the St. George's Chapel internment. To view and listen to a selection of these interviews, please see those below or click here for more interviews.


Latest Projects:

  • Killing Diana - Tubi Documentary - 31 August 2022

Contributing to a new documentary about Diana, Princess of Wales and how her death has reshaped the British monarchy, Thomas appears as an authority in this very different look at the relationship between Diana and The Crown. On the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic passing, we're going behind castle walls to look at the extraordinary life and legacy of "The People's Princess," how destiny took her from the world too soon that tragic night in Paris, and how she not only reshaped the Monarchy but continues reshaping it today. Explore this Documentary and Thomas' contributions here.

  • The Firm: Blood, Lies, and Royal Succession

Thomas is not only a regular contributor to the world's #1 history podcast, but is proving to be the darling of the series with his expert commentary, assessment of Royal history, and sometimes though provoking analysis. Tallying up a majority of the comments, contributions, and comments, throughout the chapters of this series, Thomas more than proves his place as a world-class Royal Expert and Commentator. The Firm, Blood, Lies and Royal Succession is a 12+ chapter (one release per week) investigation into the secrets, scandals, and constitutional crises of the most famous – and infamous – family in the world. From ruthless Virgin Queens to traitorous wartime Kings, from madness and revolution to forbidden sex and shocking deaths, from jealousy and rivalry to brothers and sisters torn apart, this is the real, unvarnished history of the last five centuries of Britain’s Royal Family. We’re going to reveal the real stories behind the airbrushed history book tales, and we’re going to show the lengths to which the self-styled “Firm” will go in order to keep those stories secret – and to ensure the survival of the Royal Brand… no matter what the cost. Explore this series and Thomas' contributions here.

  • The Platinum Jubilee Anthem

Thomas has garnered two chart-topping hits with his creation of the Platinum Jubilee Anthem, EIIR: The Platinum Record. As the man behind this celebratory work, which features the who’s who of the British music world, Thomas is at the heart of this extraordinary musical tribute to Her Majesty. From the idea, to the lyrics, to the musicality, this musical celebration of the Queen highlights Thomas’ creativity, dedication, ingenuity, and resilience. Click here to learn more about the Platinum Jubilee Anthem.

Featured Interviews

For nearly 15 years Thomas has appeared on the televisions of the world including but not limited to the Americas, Europe, South America, Austral-Asia including Hong Kong. With hundreds of broadcast credits in dozens of countries, featuring in just as many languages, Thomas has been a go to source within the media for Royal themes since the inception of his "royal" career. Below are a few current featured interviews. Click here to see a wider range of broadcast interviews featuring Thomas.

Magazine Contributions

As a Royal Expert and Historian, Thomas has contributed to countless magazines over the years including but not limited to Closer Magazine, PM History DE, Woman, In Style, and many others. Always explaining his subject in terms which are easily understood by everyone, Thomas' ability to convey information about a sometimes complex theme, such as the Royal family and its internal workings, makes him a "go to" source for domestic as well as international publications. Thomas' latest magazine contributions were in the international publication Woman Weekly about the Platinum Jubilee and how the Cambridge children are playing their part in the Firm. See contributions here.

Educational Speaker


Thomas believes in education. Too often, people are not properly informed of the issues and subjects which affect their daily lives. Case in point, The Crown. Thomas speaks, lectures and instructs at schools, conferences, societies, associations...

Royal Historian


Sought after by the worlds media, Thomas has contributed to many televison and radio programmes as well as on the news and in print. Thomas is an authority on the British Crown and its shape-shifting abilities within the government, Realms and society.




Thomas is the only Royal historian to write about two of the United Kingdom's favourite subjects, the Royals and drinking. Thomas' books centre around Her Majesty, The Queen, the Royal family, 1,000 years of history and spirits. No, not ghosts, but hard liqueur and apéritifs.


Thomas' book: Their Majesties' Mixers, When They Reign, They Pour  won the GOURMAND AWARD for the best cocktail book in the UK - 2018! To see the Gourmand Award shortlist and Thomas' title in first place, Click Here and continue to section W2-5 "Cocktails" to see this publication in the top spot for the UK! "Their Majesties' Mixers, When They Reign, They Pour" is available throughout the United Kingdom as well as in the United States.

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Something for Everyone...

Thomas uses his knowledge of history, the Royal family, British and international relations, along with niche interests, to create a very special educational formula all his own. With an extraordinary ability to relate to almost anyone, Thomas creates a brand of magic which allows history, heritage, culture and even unconventional themes such as wines, spirits and 1,000 years of intertwined Royal history to be explained in a fun and interesting way. He has won the 2018 UK cocktail book of the year as awarded by the Gourmand Award Scheme.

From primary schools, to university lectures, to formal appearances, lectures and book signings for professional and society organisations, Thomas partakes in the education of a vast demographic with intrigue and delight. Using both a structured and sometimes free flowing instruction, those in the audience are offered a vast, intricate and highly detailed plethora of knowledge which is specifically designed to be interesting and engaging.

In addition to lectures and speaking functions, Thomas participates in a lot of television, radio and print media. As he is a Royal historian with a deep knowledge of the Royal Family, British and Colonial history as well as current events which relate to the aforementioned, Thomas is sought after for his in depth analysis and explanation on a variety of subjects. As an author, radio presenter and Royal consultant, Thomas is certainly in a position to bring those seeking his expertise a well diversified portfolio of Royal themes, historical analysis and modern day discussion as to the position of the Crown in a twenty-first century British state.

At Rockledge Elementary in Northern Virgina. November 2016
Broadcasting his weekly radio show, "Therapy with Thomas Mills" at W!zard Radio studios.
Fiming for NTV Russia, Spring 2017.

"A 'British' commentator on the royal family turned out to be a guy from upstate New York — but he's still one of the world's leading experts."

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New Yok City's high-society magazine, PopimpressKA Journal, has featured Thomas over 10 pages of high-gloss luxury print in their Autumn 2017 “Art & Royalty issue. Appearing alongside Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, The Crown Prince and Princess of Serbia and other Royals who are playing an active role in making the world a better place, Thomas shines in his commitment to education and his charitable endeavours. Exploring who Thomas is and what he does in the world of Royalty, readers are treated to a fully candid interview with him at his favourite NYC sanctuary, The Plaza Hotel.


PopimpressKA features the best of the best in art, film, fashion, discovery, enterprising and amazing people with their stories and great causes.

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