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Above: Thomas at the International Monarchists Conference 2016 standing with the first issue cover of "Crown & Country" Magazine.
Above: Thomas in the quadrangle of Buckingham Palace, June 2014
Above: Thomas with Victoria Howard of The Crown Chronicles in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle - Garter Day 2015.
Posing during a photo-shoot at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London.
Above: Thomas at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. 2013

About Thomas


Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills OStS, BA, BS, is the Founder, Visionary and Chairman of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, President of the Centre for British Royal Studies, Editor-in-Chief of Crown and Country Magazine, a Freeman of the City of London and a Member of the Royal Society of St. George – International Ambassador to the Royal Society of St. George. He is an Officer of the Order of St. Stanislas – Grand Priory of Great Britain, Malta and Gibraltar. In March of 2017, Thomas was appointed a  Consultant to the Serbian Royal Household by Crown Prince Alexander II. He further Chairs the Board of Trustees of the Royal Foundation Serbia and the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture Serbia. Professionally, Thomas is a Royal historian, author and educational speaker.



Thomas has been a radio presenter for London’s Wizard Radio, which is broadcast internationally to over 15 countries, where he had several different shows and themes over five years. Thomas’ last show was dedicated to helping the youth of the world overcome issues, challenges and negativity which face the daily lives of his listeners on “Therapy with Thomas Mills”. Thomas addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Monarchist League in Sydney during the Summer of 2015 to thousands of members and has just recently lectured for Model Westminster and the Young Adults Forum in Parliament in February of 2017. Recently in April of 2017, Thomas undertook a tour of America where he opened the Royal Society of St George – California Branch, completed several meet and greets and further attended events and book signings for his new release: “Their Majesties’ Mixers – when they reign, they pour”.



Thomas is well versed in the International Business Auditorium as well as Royal history, with degrees and certificates from American and European universities in History, International Political Economy, International Business Administration, International Relations, Humanities and Political Science. In honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, Thomas penned his first book with permission of the Palace, to which he was granted the use of the official Diamond Jubilee Logo. “To The Queen: A Royal Drinkology” sold 5,000 copies in the months following the central Jubilee weekend. Over the past decade, Thomas has worked (and still works) tirelessly on behalf of Crown and Country, building the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, which has become the leading organisation for not only British, but international Monarchists which he funded himself. He has worked hard to incorporate like-minded people to be a part of this much-revered society within the United Kingdom, in which cumulatively, under Thomas’ direction, brings British traditions to the next level.



Within the past five years, Thomas has been busy perfecting and readying his team to organise and carry out international celebrations for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, in addition to great events they have hosted for The Diamond Jubilee in 2012, The Diamond Anniversary of the Coronation, the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte and when The Queen’s reign exceeded that of Queen Victoria in September of 2015. This is an exciting and challenging time for Thomas and his team, and it is with great commitment, energy and foresight that he is looking forward to producing an educational celebration within his latest project, “Crown and Country Magazine” that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations of Britons. In his spare time (which is very limited), Thomas enjoys travelling, horseback riding, the arts, theatre, music, fine dining, reading and writing.

Thomas instructs a 95-minute course on Public Speaking for the Model Westminster conference. August 2017.
Thomas instructs a 95-minute course on Public Speaking for the Model Westminster conference. August 2017.

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Thomas has a vast array of projects he has and is curently working on. In addition to his activites as a Royal consultant, Thomas is busy filming, designing and editing in addition to his other commitments.