Thomas' Career

From Radio Presenter to Royal Consultant

Thomas building a large sand castle complete with turrets, a moat and ramparts. 1993

Thomas' career in the world of Monarchy officially began during his secondary school days. With a heavy interest in the Crown, British history and international relations, Thomas began to research and write about the many subjects which he would evntually come to master. Thomas is a Royal Consultant, Royal Historian, Author, Director and Motivational Speaker. From 2012 until 2017 Thomas was a personality and radio presenter for W!zard Radio were he presented "The Panel", "The MAD Show" and "Therapy with Thomas Mills". 

Copies of "Crown and Country" Magazine accompanied by glasses of Veuve Champagne at the official launch of Thomas' magazine. December 2105

In 2012 Thomas officially made the British Monarchist Society a bona-fide organisation with Companies House after several years as a social organisation which had been functioning on the internet. He further created the British Monarchist Foundation and The Red Box educational programme in 2014 and Crown and Country magazine in 2015. These creations are part of Thomas' greater vision to help properly educate about the positive aspects of the Crown and the monarchy in a 21st century, modern state.

"Their Majesties' Mixers: When They Reign, They Pour" is seen here on the bar to of M Den - Thomas' Private Members club.

In addition to writing for magazines and contributing to academic journals and research, Thomas has written his own books which bring out the fun and interest in several different Royal subjects and themes.  "To The Queen... A Royal Drinkology" was released in 2012 in honour of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee and "Their Majesties' Mixers: When They Reign They Pour" released in July 2017 to celebrate the Blue Sapphire Jubilee of The Queen and the centenerary of the House of Windsor.

A mini-documentary about Thomas and the British Monarchist Society. 2012

​So involved in the academic features of The Crown, Thomas has been featured on numerous television, radio and print outlets. In 2012 a mini-documentary was made about him and his works by ARTE.

In 2015 Thomas began work on an 11-part series called "Spectra"which focused on the cultural differences between Western and Middle Eastern culture, including constitutional and absolute monarchy. Thomas was a special guest along side Sheikh Khalid Al Hail of Qatar. Thomas has featured on multiple media outlets, over several programmes and many networks. 

In addition to his works as a Royal consultant, Thomas is involved in and cares very much for his charity work and contributions such as The Miss Great Britain Pageant, WoodGreen Animals Charity, Royal Society of St George Charities, St Stanislas Charities, Restore Serbia, and Educate Serbia. Thomas has previously aided chairties assisting the elderly to which he and friends adopted a senior citizen highrise to provide companionship, luncheons, cookouts and senior proms for the residents.

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