At Rockledge Elementary in Northern Virgina. November 2016

Thomas believes in education and thinks that too often, people are not properly informed of the issues and subjects which affect their daily lives. Case in point, The Crown: "By not teaching the young about The Crown, The Monarchy and how constitutional monarchy fts into a modern, everyday society within twenty-frst century Britain, the very existence of the Crown could very well be in jeopardy.  Knowledge is power and education is key."

Addressing guests at the BMS annual gala "An Evening of Elegence" 2014

Thomas is diverse with his speaking events. He speaks, lectures and instructs at primary and secondary schools, colleges, conferences, societies, associations and for other organisational groups. Thomas speaks on a wide range of topics with Royal themes, including his popular niche brand of discussions about the Royals and their drinking habits.

Thomas lectures at the August 2017 Model Westmnster conference, London.

Thomas understands the formula to successful monarchies and draws his understanding of and sense of duty to the institution from the examples set forth by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and her father King George VI. In addition to his knowledge of various Royal themes, Thomas' delivery is exceptional. His diction and annunciation is excellent, whilst his communication is properly timed, clear and concise. His presentations are full of interesting facts, often little known by his audience. Thomas' presentations are not just speaking events, they are a learning experience.

In understanding sacrifce, duty and service, Thomas has single handed-ly pushed the monarchist movement to new heights within the United Kingdom, by founding the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, an organisation dedicated to educating the nation about the positive attributes of the monarchy. The BMSF has been a platform for Thomas to deliver the proper education about the monarchy, the Crown and Royal finances to those who live with it, or have an interest in the way these complex themes co-exist in a modern world. The British Monarchist Society and Foundation emphasises that the Crown, and the Monarch in particular, is a unifying and binding force for the people which is above politics. The Sovereign in her role as Head of State and Head of the Nation allows the people to come together under one banner, without political prejudice and as one people regardless of their party affliations. 


Lecturing at educational forum "Model Westminster" - February 2017.

“The United Nations Human Development Index of 2012 states that the top three countries in the world are all constitutional monarchies. Out of the top five countries in the world, four are constitutional monarchies and of the top ten nations worldwide, seven are constitutional monarchies. Out of the top twenty nations on earth, ten are constitutional monarchies, where statistically there should be less than four. The bottom twenty nations on earth are republics”.