Thomas has contributed to several Magazine and publications such as Majesty,  Royalty, Closer, OK!, PM History, Woman, and many others. Below is a small selection from these publications that we have been able to acquire for inclusion on this website:

PM History” Magazine Germany: Thomas’ contribution to the prestigious German history magazine “for all things history”. In this 2018 special edition, Thomas was interviewed about Her Majesty, The House of Windsor, it’s past, present, and future. It was a magnificent spread. This article is in the German language.

Woman” Magazine UK. Thomas featured as the Royal Expert in a 2-page spread: “Duty calls for Cambridge Kids”. Read his take and full quotes on the present image and future expectations of the Cambridge clan. 

Closer” Magazine. Thomas was again contacted as a Royal Expert and Authority on the British Royal family for this 2018 weekly issue of the American magazine. The article titled “THE MAKING OF A DUCHESS: Meet The Royal Experts”, truly shows Thomas’ knowledge of the people behind the curtain, their positions, and what thy have offered members of the Royal family. 

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