The latest "Thomas" NEWS!

February 2020

6 - Thomas will speak at the book launch of "The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Royal Day Out".

January 2020

21 - Thomas will speak to and meet the children of the International Academy in Vincenza, Italy.

20 - Thomas will travel to Italy to undertake a speaking tour for his new book.

13 - Thomas will speak at Open Age UK.

- Thomas will appear on FR1 Switzerland, Sputnick Radio Edinburgh, and Alaraybia.

8 - Thomas will speak at Open Age UK and appear on KRON News 4 San Francisco.

-Thomas will return to London.

5 - Thomas will visit the Bowes Museum, Eggleston Abbey, Eggleston Hall, Raby Castle and Locomotion.

December 2019

30 - Thomas will visit Chatsworth House

29 - Thomas will attend the Martyrdom at Canterbury Cathedral with the Order of  Thomas of Acon.

24 - Thomas will attend the First Eucharist of Christmas at Westminster Abbey.

22 - Thomas will host an exclusive BMS Christmas tour of Buckingham Palace for BMS members.

21 - The Launch of Thomas' new children's book series "The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Royal Day Out" in Venice Italy.

November 2019

27 - Thomas will appear on TRT for their current affairs panel programme "Nexus".

15 - Thomas will fly to Sweden to attend the Innocenceordun Ball.

13 - Thomas will return home to the UK.

3 - Thomas will fly to New York to undertake several meetings and discussions about future projects.

October 2019:

24 - Thomas will fly to the Cayman Islands for a book talk and signing as well as holiday.

13 - Thomas will fly to New York to undertake consultancy meetings.

September 2019:

25 - Thomas will fly to Washington DC for consultancy meetings.

22 - Thomas will attend the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

21 - Thomas will attend a pre-Emmy luncheon and gifting suite.

18 - Thomas will appear live on Astro-Royal Deutschland and then attend the 2019 VIP Infolist Emmy Party at Mondrian Skybar.

11 - Thomas will attend a private VIP pre-Emmy party at the Television Academy in North Hollywood.

10 - Thomas will attend America's Got Talent with Simon Cowell and then attend a private VIP Party at the Intercontinental DTLA.

13 - Thomas will visit Huntington Beach for a consultancy meeting.

9-12  - Thomas will speak at the 2019 IFSA Convention in Los Angeles.

- Thomas will fly to Los Angeles, California.

August 2019:

28 - Thomas will give a book talk and sign his latest publication "Their Majesties' Mixers" in Bolton Landing, NY.

25 - Thomas will attend the annual running of the Travers at Saratoga Race Track.

18 - Thomas will host friends from Europe, Canada and America for his 40th Birthday party on Lake George.

18 - An feature article about Thomas and his endeavours since summer 2018 is released in the Post Star.

16 - Thomas will appear at the Saratoga Polo Grounds to watch Saratoga take on Boston.

14 -15 - Thomas will visit Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a book talk and signing of "Their Majesties' Mixers".

July 2019:

26 - Thomas will fly to New York City to begin his American book tour of "Their Majesties' Mixers"

8 - 25 - Thomas will undertake a European Book tour for "Their Majesties Mixers" (Spain, France, Germany, Poland)

- Thomas will be invested as an Officer of the Order of St. Thomas of Acon.

June 2019:

18-22 - Thomas will attend Royal Ascot.

17 - Thomas will attend Garter Day at Windsor Castle as Founder of the BMS.

16 - Thomas will travel to Windsor to host BMS members and Patrons for a pre-Garter Day dinner.

- Thomas will host an afternoon tea (BMS) at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in honour of Her Majesty's Official Birthday.

- Thomas will host BMS members, guests and Patrons along the Mall to watch The Queen's Birthday Parade.

6 - Thomas will host BMS members and Patrons at Beating the Retreat on Horseguards Parade.

5 - Thomas will return to London to prepare for the height of the Royal Calendar.

May 2019:

25 - Thomas will travel to Newcastle, UK to give a book talk about "Their Majesties' Mixers".

23 - Thomas will guest spot on talkRADIO's Paul Ross Show - Queen Victoria 200.

18 - Thomas will attend a private reception at the Swiss Ambassador's Residence - London.

17 - Thomas will attend a special private reception for Swiss company VICTORINOX - London.

11 - Thomas will be invested into the Order of St. George at Rochester Cathedral

08 - Thomas will record for BBC World Service: "Postcards for Archie Sussex".

02 - Thomas will film for Reuters News Agency for a new Royal Documentary.

01 - Thomas will lecture about The Crown in Richmond, London.

April 2019:  

29 - Thomas will join BBC Asia and Radio 1 for a Royal themed broadcast.

27 - Thomas will speak at a celebratory tea in honour of The Queen's Birthday.

27 - Thomas will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, London for St. George's Day.

24 - Thomas will speak at OpenAgeUK, Westminster, London.

23 - Thomas will speak at the Institute of Directors, London.

23 - Thomas' new book is available for purchase world-wide. Buy Here!

March 2019:

Thomas will Visit New York and Montreal is association with a new project airing later this year.

February 2019:

22 - Thomas will appear on TalkSPORT Radio.

January 2019:

14 - Thomas will speak at OpenAgeUK Marlybone, London.


August 2018 - October 2018:

17 - Thomas will enjoy Summer holidays.

August 2018:

10 - Thomas will begin filming a new documentary series.

July 2018:

14 - Thomas will visit Arundel Castle.

12 - Thomas will visit Osborne House.

June 2018:

18 - Thomas will attend Garter Day at Windsor Castle.

16 - Thomas will attend the BMS celebratory Tea for the Queen's Official Birthday.

09 - Thomas will attend Trooping the Colour at Horseguards Parade.

07 - Thomas will attend a private event at the Speaker's State Apartments, Parliament.

06 - Thomas will attend Beating the Retreat at Horseguards Parade.

May 2018:

19 - Thomas will be live from Windsor Castle reporting on Royal Wedding.

19 - Thomas will be interviewed by different outlets from French, Russian and Arabic Television.

18 - Thomas will be filming for TF1 France - 50 Mn Inside.

18 - Thomas will be recording with France 1 Radio,

17 - Thomas will be filming with ITV.

17 - Thomas will record for ARTE.

17 - Thomas will appear on The Daily Blast Live.

16 - Thomas will film for the Daily Blast Live - America.

16 - Thomas will partake in Facebook Live - Daily Blast.

16 - Thomas will film for France 5.

15 - Thomas will record for Europe 1 Radio.

15 - Thomas will air on the Jim Jefferies' Show - Comedy Central.

14 - Thomas will appear in Refinery 29.

07 - Thomas will be filming in Windsor.

03 - Thomas will film for Swiss Television.

03 - Thomas will film for the WSJ.

03 - Thomas will film for TF1.

03 - Thomas will film for Norway 2.

03 - Thomas will film for Voice of America.

01 - Thomas will be in Ireland Filming a new project.

April 2018:

25 - Thomas features in Zeitblatt.

24 - Thomas will be filming for Astro Royal with Prince Max.

23 - Thomas issues congratulations on birth of Prince Louis.

21 - Thomas features in the Daily Express.

19 - Thomas films for the ROYL cryptocurrency.

17 - Thomas features in North American News Agency coverage.

16 - Thomas to release statement on Head of Commonwealth succession.

13 - Thomas to appear on KCN Russia.

12 - Thomas to appear in The Western Mail - Wales.

10 - Thomas appears in Bitcoinaires iMag.

09 - Thomas appears in ICO Examiner.

08 - Thomas will be filming for the ROYL coin release.

05 - Thomas appears in the National Express.

04 - Thomas appears on Astro-Royal.

03 - Thomas appears in the Crown Chronicles.

March 2018:

26 - Thomas appears in Zeitblatt Magazine.

26 - Thomas features on North American New Agency.

19 - Thomas features in Daily Mirror.

February 2018:

Thomas will visit France, Iceland and America

January 2018:

24 - Thomas will attend Jim Jefferies at the Hammersmith Apollo.

24 - Thomas will be filming for the Jim Jeffries Show for American network Comedy Central.

23 - Thomas will film for Al Araybia Television in regard to Qatar Charity changing its name and trying to operate under a better image within the UK.

18 - Thomas has launched his first official instagram: @themrmonarchy


18 December 2017 - 15 January 2018

Thomas will undertake several speaking engagements during this festive period, commenting on Meghan Markle's first Christmas with the Royal family etc.

8 December: 

Thomas was today quoted in the Daily Mail in regard to the Netflix series "The Crown". Mr. Mace-Archer-Mills made a series of statements regarding Edward VIII and his Nazi affiliations. See the article here.

6 December:

Thomas will appear on a live studio broadcast where he will be part of a panel for TRT Television discussing the Royal Engagement of Prince Harry to Miss Meghan Markle.

5 December:

Thomas appeared on a live broadcast to Dubai where he was a special guest for Al Alaraybia Television, discussing the Royal Engagement of H.R.H Prince Harry to Miss Meghan Markle.

28-29 November:

Thomas was live on location at Bukcingham Palace to contribute to several reporters from the World's media re: Prince Harry's engagement. Thomas also took part in a live studio broadcast to Dubai where he discussed the Royal engagement and what life will be like for Miss Markle once she becomes a part of the Royal family.

27 November:

Thomas today undertook several filming, radio and print projects as the announcement of the engagement of H.R.H. Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle  was released. From Edinburgh to Australia, watch this website for Thomas' upcoming appearances.

21 November:

Thomas will be undertaking a filming and radio project in relation to the British Monarchy and Royal family.

17, 18, 19 November:

Thomas will depart for Stockholm, Sweden where he will attend the Innocenceordun Ball at the Grand Hotel Stockholm.

16 November 2017:

Thomas undertook several filming projects in celebration of the Platinum Wedding Anniversary of Her Majesty, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Russian Television HTB and Swiss Television SF1 will feature Thomas in their upcoming reports.

9 November 2017:

Thomas has won the GOURMAND AWARD for his book "Their Majesties' Mixers: When They Reign, They Pour". His book has won the first place positon as the best cocktail book in the UK of 2017. His book will go on for further competition in the international award scheme to which winners will be announced on 18 May from China.

25 October 2017:

Thomas attended the New York City Lifeline event of the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation at the world famous Le Cirque Restaurant in Mahattan.

11 October 2017:

Thomas will fly to New York City to undertake consultancy works , where he will also deliver a few Monarchy related speeches and undertake several book signings.

6, 7, 8 October 2017:

Thomas attended the Royal Wedding of H.R.H. Prince Philip of Serbia in a private capacity, including the pre-wedding dinner, wedding reception and after wedding brunch. During his attendance at the Royal Wedding, Thomas was captured in several photos taken by the world's media. Thomas can be seen in the picture attached escorting Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia into the Cathedral Church, Belgrade.

30 September 2017:

Thomas will travel to Belgrade, Serbia, with his administrative team in a private capacity to undertake consultancy work.

14 September 2017: 

Thomas has opened the historic Qatar Global Security & Stability Conference in London. He has also appeared on a panel discussion during the live televised and webcast event with the topic of Constitutional Monarhcy being the main focus.

14 September 2017: 

  • Thomas has appeared on Egypt's CBC Television Network.
  • Thomas has appeared on Sky Arabia Live with a 40-minute on air live discussion about Qatar.

31 August 2017:

Thomas will be live on location at Kensington Palace covering the 20th Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. He will make contributions to: BBC Radio Kent, BBC Breakfast Surrey, BBC Newcastle, TRT, SKY 519, Chile 13, Brazil Televison and RTL.

29 August 2017:  

Thomas will be live at Kensington Palace for the day filming the early tributes for the 20th Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. He will undertake commentary and give interviews for French networks: BFM, France 2 and France 24.

27 August 2017:

Thomas has been featured in a  ten-page spread in New York Society Magazine, PopimpressKA Journal: Art & Royalty edition, where the publication highlights his career through exclusive photos and editorial.

14 August 2017:

Thomas has just been booked to take up several speaking and filming engagements in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in February and March 2018!

12 August 2017:

Thomas has been asked to contribute to See Beyond Magazine, an avant-garde motivational and spiritual magazine for teens, younger minds, and young-at-heart adults

11 August 2017:

Thomas's book "Their Majesties' Mixers: When They Reign, They Pour" has just been nominated as a contender for the internationally coveted Gourmand Awards scheme. We wish him and this very interesting title the best of luck!

9 August 2017:

Thomas has just completed the instruction of a 95-minute workshop and lecture for Model Westminster and the Young Adults Forum on 9 August 2017. Instructing about the importance of Public Speaking and the proper aspects of a powerful and educational experience for attending delegates, Thomas further discussed the key elements of public speaking, what to do and what not to do as well as communicating effectively with confidence.


20 July 2017:

Thomas has been booked to film several segments for Hong Kong's Phoenix News Channel regarding the Duke of Edinburgh and his retirement, an upcoing documentary about Diana, Princess of Wales by her sons, Princes William and Harry and also about the 20th anniversary of Diana's death.

15 July 2017:

Thomas launches his first website! We wish him lots of success with this new platform of promotion and expression!