Tune into Thomas...

Broadcasting his weekly radio show, "Therapy with Thomas Mills" at W!zard Radio studios.

Thomas not only contributes his knowledge and undestanding of the Royals, The Crown and current events within the interviews that he gives to radio programmes and shows, he used to host his own shows too! Thomas made his broadcasting home with W!zard Radio in London, where he was a popular radio personality and host. For over five years Thomas hosted shows such as "The Panel", The MAD Show" and "Therapy with Thomas Mills". Thomas enjoyed all of his shows, but the most meaningful to him was "Therapy".

This show was a platform where Thomas was able to be a listening ear and further help young people around the world with their personal issues, such as sexuality, mental health, physical appearance, relationships, parental problems and many other points of interest which affect the youth of today. Thomas always showed care, concern and support for his call-ins and listeners by guiding them to the best of his abilities. When Thomas did not have an answer, he always found the perfect charity or rganisation who could further help those calling in.

Broadcasting during his live on-air radio programme, "Therapy with Thomas Mills" - 2016

The "Therapy with Thomas Mills" website stated: Welcome to 'Therapy with Thomas Mills', broadcasted live on W!ZARD Radio Station every Sunday from 1pm to 2pm (UK). This is W!ZARD Radio Station's weekly advice show, where listeners send in any questions or problems and Thomas Mills gives sound advice to help them in life. Listeners are given the opportunity to contact the show with their problems or anything they need advice with. Listeners will be given advice by Thomas Mills and all other listeners are invited to share their experiences and advice given, whilst encouraged to give their points of view. Occasionally, there are also special editions of the show which focus on one particular topic, with experts in that topic appearing on the show.