Thomas: Royal Consultant


Thomas possesses great knowledge and know-how when it comes to Royal protocol and administration. Thomas has been instructed by, and close to, several individuals who have been in the employ of some of the world's most notable Royal individuals, belonging to some of the world's most famous and interesting Royal Houses. Using his talents, knowledge, level-headedness, calm demeanour and  administrative and business skills, Thomas is positioned to use his knowledge and expertise as a consultant and special advisor to Royalty. This is a rare opportunity to assist Royals in the restructuring of their households, as well as helping to resolve ongoing staffing and household challenges. Thomas is able to incorporate his skills, talents and every day business practices to help improve and secure the domestic administration needs of his Royal clients.

Can Thomas help?

Enquire as to the services Thomas is able to offer. Only serious and verifiable queries will be acknowledged and responded to.