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Filming for NTV Russia 2016

Thomas possesses a fine knowledge of the British Royal family, The Crown, British history, and Her Majesty, The Queen, in particular. With appearances on BBC, GB News, Sky News, ITV, ITV3, TF1, Comedy Central, WPIX 11 NYC, and many other networks, Thomas was dubbed "Monsieur Monarchie" by a French producer, for his countless appearances on 50 MN Inside - TF1, France. Thomas is no stranger to Sputnik and NTV Russia, where has spoken on various topics such as relationships within the Royal family, Royal history such as Royalty during the wars (WWI & WWII) and many other topics of Royal interest.

Sought after by the worlds media, Thomas has contributed to many television and radio programmes as well as on the news and in print. Thomas is an authority on the British Crown and its shape shifting abilities within government and society. In 2016 Thomas was approached by Professor Cris Shore of the University of New Zealand, Auckland, to help him with his research in regard to The Crown and its place not only within the United Kingdom but throughout the Commonwealth Realms.

On "50 Minutes Inside" for Frances' TF1. Autumn 2016.

It was expressed that Thomas' knowledge and ability to understand the multifaceted components of the Crown, in fact made him an authority on the subject. Asked for his thoughts and opinions on the religious aspect of the Coronation of Her Majesty, The Queen, Christian Broadcasting featured Thomas on their programme where he was able to explain the duty and service one must give of themselves for the betterment of their people, whilst making an oath in the house of God.


Appears on ITV3 for the documentary "Royal Stories" about the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

In the spring of 2017, Thomas was featured on ITV 3 in the six-part documentary series: "Royal Stories", where he commented on the birth of Prince George and how a change in the rules of succession would affect future children born into the Royal family. This is not the first time Thomas has been approached for such commentary, being a commentator for M6 France and TF1 during the Royal birth of Prince George of Cambridge and again for the Royal birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

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Thomas is no stranger to appearing on camera, giving interviews and presenting live running commentary. Thomas is an asset to any documentary company, network or news channel seeking professional and knowledeable historians who not only know the past, but are aware of the present.