Thomas believes in education. Too often, people are not properly informed on issues of Royal finance and The Crown. Thomas speaks, lectures and instructs at schools, conferences, societies, associations...

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Royal Historian


Sought after by the worlds media, Thomas has contributed to many televison and radio programmes as well as on the news and in print. Thomas is an authority on the British Crown and its shape shifting abilities within government and society.

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Thomas is the only Royal historian to write about two of the United Kingsom's favourite subjects, the Royals and drinking. Thomas' books centre around 1,000 years of history and spirits. No, not ghosts, but hard liqueur and apéritifs.


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Thomas is truly a dynamic individual with a multitude of varying degrees about his person. Thomas is not just a speaker, historian, Royal consultant and author, he is an experience. This website is more than just an introduction to the person Thomas is and the knowledge and know-how he possesses, it is also his product catalog.

BMS Thomas

British Monarchist Society & Foundation

The British Monarchist Society was formally established five years ago with Companies House, and became an official company during the year of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The Society originally came to life about ten years ago as an educated and popular response to the rising tide of republicanism with in the United Kingdom, which had gone largely unquestioned and unbalanced. The British Monarchist Society & Foundation is dedicated to education about the Crown, Royal finances and members of the Royal family. Thomas is a Director and the Chairman of the BMSF.

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Crown & Country Magazine

Crown and Country Magazine is highly tailored to a specific desire to provide proper education of the British monarchy to the people of the world as to the true reasoning of and for the Monarchy to be in existence. Topics such as Royal finances and who truly funds the monarchy, the Crown’s unifying place in the nation, green initiatives by the Prince of Wales and many more relevant topics are discovered within the pages of this high quality reference periodical. Crown and Country Magazine has created the perfect blend of academic research, professional historical analysis, popular topics and factual reporting to fully illustrate the positive attributes of the British Monarchy in a modern 21st century. Thomas is the Editor-in-Chief.


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