“It was a pleasure to work with Thomas whilst he was a celebrity guest enrichment lecturer onboard Sky Princess. The fact that he had everything he talked about ‘stored’ in his memory, left him free to roam the stage and engage fully with the audience. Some presenters will tend to stand behind a podium and almost read from a script, the total opposite from Thomas. We loved how Thomas not only engaged with the audience and made them part of the ‘show’ with questions to get the involved, but also made the creation of the presentation super simple as he was able to look at a Royal image and instantly know everything about it. Thomas’s feedback from the guests and crew alike was very positive. He brought something not only unexpected to my program but something that is so hugely relevant to our demographic.”

                                    Matt Thompson, Entertainment Director, Sky Princess | Princess Cruises 


“I have had the pleasure to know and work extensively with Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills over the past few years. I worked with him in depth for TF1 when I was a television reporter and Editor-in-Chief of the programme “50 MN inside”, one of the most popular prime time TV shows in France. Thomas is very easy to work with, very natural in front of the camera and he knows everything about Royalty. His information is accurate and his explanations clear and concise. He knows how to explain complex concepts regarding the intricate workings of and topics surrounding the Royal family for a general audience.”

                                                                      Cédric Le Gallo, TF1, “50 Minutes Inside”


“Thomas worked with me at W!ZARD Radio Station, operating within the role of a Radio Presenter, from September 2012 to March/April 2016 – during this period of time he hosted three radio series, two entertainment shows “The Panel” and “The MAD Show” and one advice show, “Therapy”. During this time, Thomas was one of the most reliable and passionate presenters we had, always going above and beyond to show his loyalty to the radio station. He was a close confidant of myself and the organisation, and we frequently spoke about how we could work together on other projects and always looking for ways to improve the radio show. Thomas always came prepared for his radio shows, and gave his all. Even in challenging circumstances – such as travelling abroad in different time zones, Thomas always working hand-in-hand with myself and my team to make sure the show can go on.  I was also confident enough in Thomas’ ability to send him to off-location recordings, including one with Disney Channel for the launch of their programme, “Girl Meets World” which was a very memorable, entertaining piece. On which note, it is also worth my saying that Thomas was also always willing to work with me to promote relevant messaging on-air that, as an organisation, we wanted to promote in our programming – this includes messaging surrounding partnerships W!ZARD Radio Media had formed with other companies and other commercial ventures.”

                                                  James Gilmore, Managing Director, W!ZARD Radio Media


​”Thomas was invited to be a lecturer at the last Model Westminster conference I put together during the spring of 2017. As someone who is very much into British politics, I read widely around this area. However, Thomas’ talk challenged my views on the monarchy and their role within the UK political system. My former view was that their role was exclusively ceremonial. Following Thomas’ talk, I am having to reconsider this view and to do a bit more research. The young attendees expressed similar views. Thomas was very well prepared and had put together a good PowerPoint presentation to accompany his talk. Thomas is an engaging and compelling speaker. He was able to keep the attention of the young audience and really bring his subject matter to life. His talk was pitched at exactly the right level for the attendees who had an average age of about nineteen. My expectations were exceeded in relation to how interesting and compelling I found it. I would be delighted to have Thomas speak at one of our events again”.

                                                                Grant Fisher, Director, Model Westminster

​”Thomas was a guest of Rockledge Elementary School upon an invitation extended to him during the autumn of 2016. In wanting to expose my pupils to different, cultures, themes and current events, I had enquired if Thomas was available and willing to come and speak with the children. Thomas was more than happy to accept my invitation and integrate a visit during his last visit to America. He came to school well prepared and ready to provide explanations and answers regarding the British Monarchy, Kings, Queens, Royal lifestyles and the many different facets involved with being such. Thomas was not just a knowledgeable speaker and extremely well versed in his subject, but he had a fantastic ability to bring such highly complex topics and discussion down to a level which my pupils could understand and remain interested in. Thomas sat on the floor with the children, allowing them to circle around him and participate in the discussion. He was kind and considerate, and knew how to handle the excitement and interruptions of young school children. He reinforced the raising of hands, waiting their turn to speak and respecting their peers when others were speaking or wanting to ask a question. Thomas was relaxed, comfortable and professional with the children, almost as if he was a school teacher himself. He was so popular with the children that they asked him to stay for a cafeteria lunch and join them for recess – Thomas happily obliged. My expectations of Thomas’ visit were far exceeded. Thomas truly is a master of his subject and this shows in his ability to deliver an appropriate lesson for the age level he is addressing. Both my students and I learned so much from him and I would feel honored and thrilled to have him return to the school to provide further instruction.”

                Mrs. Tatyana Crow, First Grade Teacher,Rockledge Elementary, Virgina

“I have had the chance and great pleasure to interview Mr. Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills for a documentary I have filmed during a recent visit to London. I specifically sought out Thomas for his expertise and deep knowledge of not only Royal subjects, but personalities such as Diana, Princess of Wales. He is well known to us in France with his appearances on TF1 and the show “50 Minutes Inside”. Thomas is a professional, well spoken, concise and a natural in front of the camera. He is precise in his answers, does not need any prompting and is a really lively contributor to our segments. I have never met anyone so flexible and easy with our meetings and filming. He has tremedous abilitiy to captivate in front of the camera. I look forward to working with him again”.

                                                      Anne Fonteneau, Journalist, French Channel TF1

“I have known and worked with Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills for over ten years. If I had to compare Thomas with a film it would be ‘An Officer & a Gentleman’ as Thomas is the epitome of an English gentleman – charming, intelligent and handsome to boot. I worked in PR and Marketing with the Millennium brand of hotels as the executive accounts manager, in addition to decades with othe companies, looking after two Hotels in London’s Mayfair & Knightsbridge. Thomas was referred to me and we metsoon after when he came to view The Millennium Hotel’s Ballroom when he was looking for a venue to host a rather grand dinner/charity event for his heritage organisation. The event was held in the Millennium Mayfair Ballroom and was a huge success. Over the years Thomas was very loyal and booked my event space for the filming of interviews and documentaries, hosting charity events and entertaining his interesting and many connections in Royal Circles. Thomas has a natural ability in front of the camera and with his charming smile and great wit, he makes a historical documentary much more watchable and enjoyable. I had the honour to watch many of his prgrammes being filmed first-hand, to which he exudes professionalism, easy going attitudes and proper professional delivery about his topics. I highly recommend Thomas to any Company wishing to use his many artistic and creative talents.

                                                                 Annie McKale, PR & Hospitality Executive