The "Royl" Cryptocurrency:

In his desire to create a modern and inclusive way for the people of the world to celebrate the Royal wedding of H.R.H. Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle, Thomas devised a way in which people could feel a part of the Royal couple's special day, as well as appeal to their financial prowess:

"I wanted to create a new and modern way for the people of the world to feel a part of the Royal Wedding, whilst being able to provide an engaging outlet for interested parties to not only contribute to a decentralised wedding gift, but also appeal to their financial prowess in the creation of an investment mechanism such as the Royl coin.”

London's Daily Express and numerous media outlets around the world were quick to report on the release of Thomas' creation. Read the Express' article on the link below:

The Daily Express

The world’s first Royal themed cryptocurency, created by Thomas,  launched on 2 April 2018 in an ICO crowdsale which celebrates the Royal wedding. This is part of a usual Initial Coin Offering (ICO) however the coin will be moving straight into the usual third and last phase called crowdsale. Half of all the money raised in the crowd sale will be allocated to three charities chosen by the couple - Sentebale, The Invictus Games, and The Royal Foundation. The other half will go to the Crown and Country Magazine to help fund a special edition celebrating the Royal Wedding. With la great concept but ittle knowledge of the cryptocurrency world, Thomas approached ICO Rocket to assist him as they are ICO underwriters. To learn more about the "Royal" and to purchase this historic currency, please visit:

Ready to purchase your own "Royl"?

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Thomas futher stated about his creation of the "Royl":

"It is important that we look at and further devise new and modern ways for the general public to feel close to the Monarchy, what it represents and the celebratory events it carries out. By researching, developing and releasing a new and modern approach to investing such as the "Royl "coin, whilst celebrating something so dignified and ancient at the same time, we are able to meld the past, with the present, for the future by inviting the general public to not only contribute to a wedding gift for the young couple, but secure and improve their own financial investments, whilst helping to further educate the world through the efforts of Crown & Country Magazine."

"By creating the "Royl" currency, we are making history in the world of crypto-investing by basing the value and extended life of the currency on the longevity and celebrations of Royal themes which pertain to the Royal family and all that goes along with the brand. By creating the world's first Royal themed crypto-currency, we are able to invest not only in the works of the new Royal couple through a generous wedding gift divided amongst Prince Harry's charities, but also fund other worthwhile projects which pertain to education such as Crown & Country Magazine."

"The reason behind the creation of the Royl currency is two-fold, to provide an outlet for the people of the world to contribute to and feel a part of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Ms. Markle and to help promote education about the institution of Monarchy through the distribution of Crown & Country Magazine. With such an investment mechanism as the "Royl" coin, we are pioneering a new brand of investment in the world of Crypto-currency with a Royal themed financial product which will maintain its values for as long as the Royal family, their associated events and the Windsor brand itself remains intact and continuous for years and decades to come."